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  • Yantai shengming fluid metering technology Co. Ltd. (formerly Yantai meter factory) specializes in liquid dynamic control system for metering delivery; quantitative liquid filling measurement equipment; packaging equipment vat of chemical liquid quantitative chemical ingredients; automatic measurement and control system; oil temperature, liquid level, flow measurement and monitoring system; liquid (cooking oil) R & D, filling machine series the production and sale of products. At the same time specializing in automation control project design, production, installation and debugging. 


  • Product intentions: to use artisan spirit to request, make every product, and only hard management of products, will give the product to the soul, in the process of sound management in long-term development.

    Quality assured: the company has always followed the ISO9001:2000 quality management body, to achieve the purchase of raw materials to product output; until the product factory; after-sales service throughout the process of tracking inspection, to ensure high quality products.

Successful case

For creating famous brand, improve enterprise well-knownness, the setting up enterprise image, our company in line with "all the pursuit of high quality, customer satisfaction for the purpose of" spirit, to "quality products by heart, rest assured, intimate service" business philosophy to you solemnly promises:

I. product quality commitment:

The company always follows the iso9001:2000 quality management body, which realizes the purchase of raw materials from raw materials to product output. Until the product is out of the factory; Follow up the whole process of after-sales service to ensure the high quality of the products. Strictly control the inspection standards of products, en...